Installing Android Studio IDE on Windows 10

Before we can begin developing for Android, we’ll need an IDE. I’ll be developing using the Android SDK and Java so the Android Studio IDE will be great for this. If I were programming using Xamarin and C# for some cross-platform I would probably be using Visual Studio. I’ll be doing this tutorial using Windows 10 just because of its popularity but I do most of my development in Ubuntu and I will make another tutorial for installing the Android Studio IDE on Ubuntu.

Let’s Start Installing Android Studio!

Step one, start downloading the requirements. First download the Java SE Development Kit if you haven’t already.

Java SDK license agreement and downloads

While the Java SE Development Kit is downloading, start downloading the Android Studio IDE. This installation file is bigger so you’ll have time to install the Java SE Development Kit before the Android Studio IDE is ready to install.


Once the Java download is complete, run the installer and complete installation by following the onscreen instructions. This step is required before our Android Studio IDE installation because it will automatically find the installed Java SE Development Kit during its installation.

After the Java installation is complete and the Android Studio IDE installer has finished downloading, you can start the Android Studio installation. This will take several minutes depending on the system you’re installing it on.


Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation. I would suggest using the custom installation to choose your theme and if you would like to install the latest Android API. Also, you can add more RAM for improved performance.

All set! Can’t wait to get started on Android development using the newly installed Android Studio IDE.

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask.

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