Android x86 – Android Nougat 7.0 for PC

Android Nougat is Google’s latest release of the Android operating system with plenty of new features. Now you can try Android Nougat for PC thanks to the Android x86 project.

Android x86 isn’t the first project to have ported android to PC. Remix OS is another successful project for Android on PC. Unfortunately at the moment Remix OS is still currently running Marshmallow. According to Remix OS’s web page, the Android x86 creator has joined their team, so this may improve.

Android x86 Remix OS

I had tried Remix OS in the past and it was a little buggy. The major thing it had going for it was the windowed apps which now exists natively in Android Nougat. I will probably give Remix OS another shot in the future since it has received some major development.

As I just mentioned, Android Nougat now has windowed mode for apps. This wasn’t great for phones because of the small screens, but with tablets some apps really don’t need the entire screen. Now that Android Nougat was unofficially ported to PCs, windowed apps are very helpful.

This is an unofficial port so not every component will work properly. Some of the new features should be able to be tested however. I’ll try the Android Nougat branch from Android x86 soon and see what works on my laptop.

For those Internet of Things developers, Android Nougat contains new RFID support. Nougat now supports Felicity Cards. Felicity Cards are a type of RFID cards more popular in Hong Kong and Japan. This may not help us North American app developers, but you may be able to find some cheap RFID components online for DIY projects.

Before purchasing these components, make sure you have the right NFC hardware compatible with this new support. According to the Android documentation, the FeliCa card emulation requires NFC hardware supporting the NFC-F (JIS 6319-4) standard.

Check back frequently for the Android Nougat x86 review!

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